Waterkind offers Irrigation Consulting Services with a focus on reducing our irrigation water use footprint.  Our services include:

  • Irrigation Efficiency Programs
  • Irrigation Specifications and detail drawings
  • Irrigation inspection process and standardized documents
  • Design review process
  • Site assessments and/or audits
  • Irrigation site database
  • Irrigation network asset value
  • Renovation prioritization strategy
  • Irrigation as-builts
  • Internal / external training programs
  • Residentially focused Water Smart program

Irrigation Efficiency Programs

IEP's will include any number of the services offered above, organized as part of an efficiency program package.  Every organization is different and will require more or less input to achieve their irrigation efficiency goals.   

Irrigation Specifications

Safe structures are created with the use of building codes and inspections. Yet irrigation systems are often designed and installed without enforceable guidelines in place.  Specifications establish standards, facilitate inspections, increase accountability, reduce maintainance and enhance performance. If your organization requires new or improved Irrigation Specifications, Waterkind will create an easy to understand, customized document.

Irrigation Design and Design Review

Selecting a Certified Irrigation Designer is a good place to start for a design that will be effecient and hydraulically accurate.  As this is the foundation of your irrigation system, be sure to include a design review process as well; internally and/or as provided by the designer you hire.  All Waterkind irrigation designs are peer reviewed and client reviewed, to ensure the design meets your specifications and expectations.  

Irrigation Site Assessments and Database

Irrigation Site Assessments (ISA's) provide important system information including the type and condition of equipment installed both in the field and at the point of connection. The process documents system performance as well as safety concerns and other key factors that determine if a site requires system renovations or replacement.  As sites are assessed and the data is reviewed, the information is compiled into a searchable ISA database.  Individual site reports also include estimated costs for renovations / remediation.

Renovation Prioritization Strategy 

The toughest question is often Where to start?  Sometimes our gut tells us which sites are the  most in need, but we don't have the data to support that idea. That's where the searchable ISA database can help. Using Prioritization Factors (Waterkind can assist with determining these), prioritized site lists can be created for renovation or replacement. 

Irrigation Network Asset Value

Irrigation Neworks are traditionally underestimated in both scope and value.  This can mean that maintenance, team support and system renovations and replacements are undervalued and underfunded.  The ISA database allows for the addition of component values and and replacement costs so that the value of the Irrigation Network can be realized; raising awareness and making the case for annual maintenance budgets, etc.

Irrigation As-Builts

Anyone who has ever hit an irrigation line or spent hours searching an isolation valve or valve box, can tell you how fantastic an accurate As-built drawing is.  Trying to modify an irrigation system is challenging enough without the added stress of guessing where everything is.  Investing in accurate As-builts can be the answer to preventing those headaches.

Internal and Public Training Programs

Internal training sessions support the standards and processes of an IEP.  They are valuable educational and team building tools for irrigation and green space management personnel. Public training sessions are useful to inform customers and contractors and to faciliate constructive feedback and buy-in for standards.

Water Smart Programs

During summer months, outdoor water use in Canada can increase by as much as 50%.  In places like Kelowna with it's semi-arid climate, residential summer water use (primarily outdoor) is close to 4 times higher than in winter months.  Implementing a Water Smart program can significantly impact residential water habits.  Waterkind will work with you to build your Water Smart program, incorporating clarity and accountability and with a focus on reducing outdoor water use.