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Your Irrigation Efficiency Program begins the moment you connect with the Waterkind team. Our experience and client focus will assist you in buildling an IEP that works for you and your organization.
As with all successful programs, the starting point is to determine what you already have in place. Waterkind will work with you to assess and catalogue your irrigation systems and most importantly, create a logical and standardized strategy for prioritizing sites for renovation.  As well, you will have an asset value for your irrigation network; making it easier to lobby for the much-needed funding to maintain aging irrigation infrastructure.
Waterkind brings over 45 years of irrigation industry experience to every one of our projects.  From irrigation specifications and details, to design, inspections, project management and more, you can expect knowledge and professionalism throughout.
Water is our most precious resource.  We believe that with a balanced and informed approach, the greenspaces that are so important to our community and livelihood can be maintained with less water. From large playing fields to golf courses, there are tools and techniques that can make us more efficient with our irrigation water use. 
We look forward to being of assistance with your irrigation consulting needs.



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